Difference between a Public Defender and Private Defense Lawyer

When we are charged with criminal charges, we often wonder if it’s better to stick to a public defender over a private defense lawyer. No doubt that hiring a private defense lawyer can become expensive, but it has its perks. In this article, we point out the key difference between a public defender and private defense lawyer.
Public Defender: Public defenders are licensed attorneys. People who cannot afford to hire a private defense lawyer are assigned a public defender when they are charged with criminal activity to represent them. Although it would seem like a good idea just to have a state appointed public defender, you should consider some key points. A public defender will have a lot of workload. Even though they find time to fight your case, at a point some decisions can be hindered due to their workload. But that does not mean they are not good. All public defenders are highly qualified and experienced people. Some public defenders have a case load of up to 300 cases per year which makes it difficult for them to provide undivided attention to their clients.
Private Defense Lawyer: Private Defense lawyer is also a licensed attorney and are usually hired to represent people charged with crime. They sell their services and also offer chances of having the case dismissed or negotiate to have your charges lessened. Private defense lawyers see to it that their clients are first priority. They are always trying to balance their personal needs with that of the clients.
So, if you or your loved ones are accused of a crime which puts their freedom, their family, reputation, job and immigration at stake, the outcome depends entirely upon the knowledge and the experience of the lawyer that chooses to represent you.



Posted by Brooke Barns 7/17/15

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  • Difference between a Public Defender and Private Defense Lawyer

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