3 ways to Improve Communication in Relationship

Quite often, relationships suffer from communication blocks which may worsen the love life if not taken care of. To be able to nurture a relationship, communication is very vital because it holds the two human beings together, who have emotions, expectations. While many couples think that talking is communicating, it is not true. If you want to get your relationship on a steady level, then you and your partner should practice the following:

•    Listen instead of speaking: The two of you may be big time chatters, but once in a day it is good to listen to your partner. By listening, you must give yourself all to your partner and acknowledge his work place issues, future plans and whatever they wish to talk about. 

•    Support your partner: While it is good to listen to your partner, whether they are whining or fighting, you must also take into consideration when your partner needs your support. Sometimes it can be difficult to force yourself to agree with everything that he/she says, but think practically and decide thereafter. 

•    Honesty is the key: Some people are straightforward and speak bluntly on occasions when not required. But when it comes to giving to your partner, honesty is everything. This reflects your decision to avoid your flaws and open up yourself to your better half, which is a sign of unending trust and love. 

Posted by Sam Ellis 8/14/15

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  • 3 ways to Improve Communication in Relationship