Weight Management tips for women

When it comes to shedding off weight, women face much difficulty than men. This is because they have less muscle build and more fat in their bodies because of biological reasons.  But here are a few weight management tips for women that are extremely helpful in getting desired results. 

1.    Don’t make the mistake of skipping meals when you want to lose weight. This will only make you eat more and tweak your metabolism. 

2.    While you are trying to control your weight, you should not necessarily be stressed about it or any other thing. You should be in a happy state of mind. 

3.    Change your bad eating habits such as munching unnecessarily and eating processed food all the times. 

4.    Workout for a shorter duration every day, instead of 1 full day of exercise per week. 

5.    Drink plenty of water to flush out all the toxins and keep your organs functioning properly. 


Posted by Gordon Banks 8/8/15

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