Use An Insect-Repellant That Smells Good While You Are Out Camping Or Hiking

Camping and hiking are most likely to find you brushing yourself through foliage and bushes. You are more likely to have the chlorophyll transmitted to your clothes, and it is going to smell quite strongly. There are a lot of other insects and bugs on the plants and bushes that are sure to stick to your clothes, and they can spread quite a foul smell. At the end of the day, you are going to wish you had your favorite perfume with you.

Your perfume is not likely to work as well. It is not likely to leave you with a sweet and nice scent as it always does. The camping and hiking adventure is likely to put a lot of sweat and moisture out of you. And they are going to make the scent of the perfume go wrong.

It is going to pay if you carry some insect repellant that smells as well as your regular perfume. Do try some out, and if you can't find them in the open market, you can always find a lot of variety over websites on the internet. Insect repellant with a flowery smell should be the most preferred. Other fragrances like one smelling of eucalyptus is also available.

Despite all your efforts, some insects and bugs are likely to bite you and give you some amount of pain. Do remember to carry some sort of treatment for these. There are all sorts of creams and lotions available today that can take care of an insect-bite, do carry it along with the insect-repellant whenever you venture out for an adventure.



Posted by Sam SMith 8/6/15

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