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Sexuality in human beings used to be perceived as more intuitive. It has been discovered by our scientists that desire is more sparked in our brains and not in our groins that comes from some unlikely places. Arousal is different for all the people. It is true that as the years of relationship pass, people change. These days researchers are forcing the people to attach electrodes to their genitals and watch naked yoga to derive human pleasure. It has been heard that pornography can have ill effects on relationships.
 Too much of porn can desensitize the viewers and getting sexy in real life situations then becomes very difficult. No correlation was found between viewing porn and struggle for erectile dysfunction. It has been researched that the couple who watch porn have a higher quality of sex life than those who don’t watch. It has been discovered that a bisexual man respond more to the hot images of man than those of women. They show lots of interest in wide range of sexual activities. Most of the women didn’t care even if they watch a girl on girl porn and they find it to be unrealistic. Women they have more erotic plasticity.
Drugs have been found to treat a low sexual desire in women called flibanserin. The drug is used to increase the amount of dopamine and norepinephrine that accelerates the brain to respond to sexual intimations. At the same time, it reduces the level of serotonin that is the main cause for inhabitation.



Posted by Amy Wess 8/8/15

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