Get A Few Tips To Maintain Your Makeup For A Long Time Even When You Are Camping

If you are someone used to applying tons of makeup everyday, you are in for a change when you go out camping. The expedition is not likely to have any opportunity for you to apply any makeup; moreover, it is likely to be quite wet and uncomfortable. So, be sure to carry some water-proof makeup with you when you are camping. A small tube or a small phial is not going to occupy a lot of space, and you are going to feel quite comfortable and at home if you use the makeup you are used to.

Water-proof makeup is the ideal for use on a hiking or camping expedition because you are  likely to sweat a lot while hiking. But it can always rain. Moisture can be detrimental to the makeup you usually apply. So, in comes water-proof makeup. But you must be sure to remove it at night before going to sleep. If left overnight, it can prove to be detrimental to your skin's health. You can always reapply it in the morning.

Moreover, your hiking adventures are quite likely to put you below direct sunlight. The sun' s rays can do some amount of significant damage because the exposure to the sun is going to be continuous. There are all chances of you developing a suntan or even a sunburn. They can prove to be quite irksome if you regularly venture out on a hike. So, do consider using a sunscreen lotion on your face and all parts of your skin that is left exposed to the sun.

Be sure to apply it all over your face, hands and legs as soon as you get up in the morning. The hiking and camping atmosphere  is not likely to leave it on your skin for a long time, you may have to reapply it quite frequently.



Posted by Sam Smith 8/6/15

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