Disney Merges its Traditional and Digital Toys Division

The toys companies are evolving according to twenty first centuries. Along with material toys, children now also use many digital toys through personal computers, tablets and smartphones. Toy giant Disney has realized that kids do not classify their toys as digital and traditional so why manufacturing companies should do so? The integration of both platforms would help to come out with better toys.
Disney Consumer Products and Disney Interactive would become one strong company soon. Individually both corporations are very strong players and this restructuring comes after huge planning. Continuously markets for both stand alone companies are becoming same and everyone was expecting a merger between these to giants.
Disney Consumer Products last year launched many digital products like Star Wars Journeys, one of the many app-based story telling books. Imagicademy was also launched for smart education through apps. Motion sensors, wireless systems and wearable were beautifully used in Playmation. But market has given mixed signals to the product.  The Imagicademy can earn more revenue if the technology experts from Disney Interactive help in the development.
The report by App Annie, the analytic firm pointed out many benefits of the merger. Disney Interactive was founded back in 2008 to create video games for twenty first century consumers but struggle to understand the changing tastes of target market. Its recent game Infinity has been a huge success in the gaming market. The employees would be transferred in the divisions like finance, human resources and business development and there are no job cuts due to the merger, a Disney official informed.



Posted by Sam Smith 8/6/15

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