How can people Live with all the Voices that go in their Head

Lisa Forestell said that she had memories of the voices that she hear could hear some new sounds. She heard a male’s voice behind her left ear and the voice of a female in her right year. The Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community helps people who are emotionally stressed by hearing some strange voices.

Forestell said that she knew that if she said all these things, she would be sent to a psychiatrist if she said all these things. The mental health professionals don’t require voices like the one that is heard by Foretell. It has been researched that psychotic experiences like hearing voices can be very common and it is not a sign of mental illness. The psychiatrists usually tell that the people who hear voices can have schizophrenia or it can also get going. The team of researchers also analysed data from more than 31,000 people in 18 countries. More than 7 percent of 2, 533 people surveyed that hallucination are found in the hallucinations. The percentage of people who are suffering from schizophrenia is about 1 percent.

Studies find that psychotic experiences have become more common now. The need of the time is to revise all the symptoms that can fit into the mental illness profile. The reason why people hear such voices may be due to anxiety, stress, depression or trauma. These are good reasons for you to get health advice. In addition, the genetic and environmental factors also make the people vulnerable to hear various voice and psychiatric disorders.



Posted by Amy Wess 8/8/15

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