Counter The Process Of Aging With A Good And Healthy Diet And Adequate Physical Workouts

The process of aging can definitely be reversed, but you must know the tricks. First of all, you are gong to have to bring about some changes in your diet.
Your diet should be low in fat besides having a lot of fruits in it. There should be a lot of vegetables and wild salmon in your diet. Some supplements of omega-3 fatty acids, DHEA, arginine, carnitine, etc are sure to pull down your age. Anti-aging products are selling like hot-cake today because everyone seems to be eager to fight age. And the industry is only growing.

Scientists have discovered a relation between the communication between nuclei of cells and mitochondria and the process of aging. It has been found that the process of aging begins when the communication comes down to low levels.

 Reasons for the breakdown of communication have not been identified by scientists, but they are of the opinion that if one could mend relations between nuclei and mitochondria, the process of aging can be arrested.

This is more like the scene of a married couple living together. There is bound to be a breakdown in communication over the years, but when the communication process was efficient and good, relations were cordial too. When there is a breakdown in communication over time, relations too go down to a low.

A close relationship has also been found to exist between the food one eats and one's age and aging process. A lot also depends on the exercise one indulges in.



Posted by Sam Smith 8/6/15

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