Yoga exercise for lean body

Yoga has proved to be exceptionally beneficial for health. Besides being a great exercise, it is also very useful to balance the body and mind. If you want to ensure that your body gets lean, flexible and your muscles strong, then try out the following poses or sequences on a daily basis to strengthen every part of your body. 

•    Warrior pose, in which you have to step either of your foot forward and raise your entire torso and hands up is great to strengthen the spine and make it more flexible. 

•    By doing the downward facing dog position, you can pay attention to your entire spine, your legs, arms and heels. This pose is extremely beneficial to strengthen the back.

•    The most difficult pose to maintain is Sage, where you have to balance your entire body on one side leg and palm, for example left foot and left palm. While, the rest of the body is stretched on the other side. 


Posted by Debbie Rosam 8/6/15

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