Top Three Workout Choices For Obese People

Obesity is already on the rise, and for people who are already dealing with the extra pounds, exercising can be hard to start. Below are some of the simple and successful ways in which obese and people on plus side can lose weight effectively. 

Start walking
Walking is the simplest and the most effective workout that anyone can include in their daily routine. You can either count the miles or set a time of 40 minutes to one hour of brisk to fast walking. It will help you get the confidence to start with a workout regime as the body will get used to the exercise. 

Water exercises
Water or aqua aerobics is one of the best choices for anyone with obesity. Firstly, working out in water will help the body feel lighter without reducing the amount of calories lost. Secondly, it isn’t hard to follow, and if you love swimming, you need to hit the pool every alternate day for at least 30 minutes. 

Group workouts
For most couch potatoes and extreme obese people, the main hindrance in their exercise program is lack of motivation. If you feel that your mind isn’t fueling the body to lose weight, consider joining one of the group classes, where you can work on creating fitness team. There are group classes available in most cities and you don’t need to think of extra motivation. 
Finally, you have to consider what works for your body and find an optimal workout, which isn’t harsh and keeps you moving.  


Posted by Debbie Rosam 8/6/15


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