How to Prevent Obesity

Nowadays, obesity is increasing at a very rapid rate and has become a serious health condition as it exposes us to the risk of various physical and mental disorders. It is known to be associated with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, diabetes as well as depression and anxiety. However, there are various ways of dealing with obesity which are stated as follows.

The first thing that you need to know is that starving yourself is not a solution of obesity because in doing so you will slow down the metabolism of your body and end up doing yourself more harm than good. So you should never skip a meal especially breakfast as it is very important for our health. The next tip is to try and eat in small quantities throughout the day instead of eating too much at the same time. The third tip is to make fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables as well as whole grain foods a regular part of your diet. You also need to stay away from fizzy drinks and beverages and should substitute these with water instead.

Protein is essential for our muscles and so we need to make sure that we take in protein in an adequate quantity because just as a decrease in protein can be bad for our health similarly taking too much protein can also cause various health problems relating to our kidneys. The final tip is to get at least half an hour of exercise and physical activity every day by joining a gym or going for a jog or cycling.

Posted by Kate Miller 8/6/15


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