Easy workout for legs and abs

If you are a woman, then you understand how important it is for us to keep ourselves in shape and stay fit. If you are looking forward to easy workouts that focus on toning your legs and abs, then here’s a very simple routine that you can try on your own.

•    Warm up for at least 5 minutes with light cardio to ensure that you don’t injure your muscles. 
•    Lay down on your mat and get into the plank position, hands underneath your shoulders. Make sure your body is straight all this while.
•    While in the plank position, bring your left hand over your right in a cross position, with legs wide apart. 
•    While in the plank position, walk sideways criss-crossing your hands. 
•    Walk at least three steps for one rep in one direction. 
•    Change your directions and complete the at least 5 reps on each sides. 
•    Do not lower or lift your pelvis while moving to either side. 


Posted by Debbie Rosam 8/6/15

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