Why diet is important for complete nutrition

All humans spend a significant amount of time eating and drinking. But only a few achieve total health state, courtesy their unhealthy eating habits. It is very essential to eat and drink in normal portions on regular intervals to ensure that health is properly taken care of.

A balanced diet plays very important role in a complete physical and mental health. Try following these tips to ensure that you get complete nutrition from your diet, sans any supplementary intake. 

1.    Include foods from all 5 food groups in your meal.
2.    Cook your meals fresh and include fresh vegetable produce and poultry.
3.    Make sure you eat a handful of nuts to boost the essential oil requirement.
4.    Instead of Trans fat found in junk and processed food, include healthy oils. 
5.    Give up on extra sugar or salt as they tend to hamper the blood pressure.
6.    Drink plenty of water and fluids throughout the day. 


Posted by Debbie Rosam 7.7.15

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