Food Alternatives for Fitness

Many people seem to work really hard to get slim and they exercise, control their diet and work really hard for the purpose of getting fit but in the end they revert back to their old eating habits because they miss eating the things they used to eat and as a result all their efforts turn out to be for nothing. To avoid this, we need to know about the various alternatives that we can use to help satisfy our cravings and stay healthy at the same time.

Chocolate is a weakness of many of us and even though we know that it is going to ruin our diet plan we still end up eating it. However, it can be substituted with a small pea like pod known as carob. Carob tastes almost exactly like a chocolate and has significantly fewer calories as compared to chocolate. So the next time you feel like having a chocolate you should give carob a chance. Bread is a regular part of our diet and we tend to eat it at the time of breakfast or as a snack by spreading peanut butter, jelly or any other substance on it.

What we need to do is replace white bread with wheat bread as it is composed of whole grain instead of flour and thus requires our body to use up more calories for the purpose of burning it. So, whole bread can help burn our calories without even requiring us to do anything. Finally we should replace sodas and other beverages with water.

Posted by Kate Miller 8/6/15


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