A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Reducing Daily Calories

Lazy eating and relying on processed food for cravings are two of the major reasons for weight gain. If you have been trying hard to shed those extra pounds, these are some of the best and effective ways to keep the calories at bay.

 Master the art of portion control
Eating less doesn’t mean starving yourself, but what works better is the concept of portion eating. Apart from bringing down the amount of refined foods and sugars, all you need to do is reduce the number of bites for every meal. You can have your favorite butter popcorn for sure, but cut the portion to one third!

Opt for fuller meals
If you feel like eating every one hour, there is something seriously wrong with the things you eat. The best choice is to go for fuller foods, which can keep the stomach filled for long. So, instead of more rice and pasta for lunch, you need to include raw foods, fresh veggies and salads. The body takes longer to digest whole foods, which makes it easy to eat less. 

Work on hydration
Water works greatly for limiting hunger pangs, and any adult should have 2.5 to 3 liters of water each day. however, make sure that you don’t increase the water consumption suddenly. Add half a liter of water more to your daily water consumption for next three weeks. 

Finally, watching what you grab for a snack is a good way to reduce calorie intake. For the next afternoon snack, get an apple instead of regular teatime cookies!


Posted by Debbie Rosam 8/6/15


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