Things you should never do before your training

If you are into exercising, that means you are doing the right thing. Still if you are an amateur and you don’t know how things work, we will tell you what you should never do before you start exercising.

Never drink alcohol- It doesn't matter if it is just a sip, you cannot do this and then start with your training because it may lead to dehydration and expansion of blood vessels. 
You may jeopardize your health, so do not drink anything that contains alcohol before your training.

Drinking water is really important for our health and organism, and you can drink water before you start with your exercise, but you should not drink too much in short period of time, because it could potentially be very bad for our health.
For example, it is time for your work out, and you think that you didn't drink enough water, so you start drinking like crazy, thinking it will be okay.
It won’t. Maybe you didn't know but our kidneys can only process one liter of water in one hour, so if you drink more than that you can cause hypothermia, which is a serious medical condition.

This may seem ridiculous but eating spicy food is also not recommendable. They can cause intumescence and can create acid in your stomach.
Also you should avoid any sexual interaction with your partner, because if you don’t, you will already be exhausted and you will not be able to work our properly.


Posted by Debbie Ramos 7.7.15

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