Simple Fitness Ideas For People Over 50

Staying fit at any age is your choice, and ideally, every person should make an effort to have a workout regime all through the decades. With the kind of lifestyle we have, it’s more than essential that you stay fit even in your 50s. Here are some easy exercises and fitness ideas that adults over 50 can easily follow. 

Simple cardio workouts
After 50, a lot of restrictions may come as a by-product of many ailments and health conditions. While you may not run hard on the treadmill, what you can easily choose is walking, jogging and light running. All these are simple cardio workouts and can help in keeping the weight in check. 

Effectiveness of Yoga 
Yoga poses have been found to be greatly beneficial at any age. Consider getting enrolled in yoga classes and you can do group practice. Combine 20 to 30 minutes of simple breathing exercise and around 15 minutes of meditation for that perfect natural body. 

Join a laughing club
Laughing clubs are one of the best ways to beat stress and anxiety, as you will be laughing your heart out and expel the unwanted thoughts hovering on the mind. Laughing has been proved to lower blood pressure, which is like an added benefit. 

Love for Swimming 
Swimming has no age boundaries, unless your doctor has advised against it. You can swim for at least 30 minutes each day and get the much needed daily dose of exercise for the body. 
Start your new 50+ routine now! 


Posted by Debbie Rosam 8/6/15


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