How To Lose Weight In 7 Days

For  most  people, losing  weight  is  very  tricky  for  it  takes  time  and  difficult  workout  to  get  to  the  expected  body  weight.  In  addition to  this,  you  will  have  to  integrate  your  diet  in the  workout  for weight  loss.

However  this  should  not  discourage  your  desire  to lose  weight, and  they  want  to  see  immediate  changes  in not  more  than  one  week. Here  I  have  prepared  you  some  simple  seven days  workout  for  you  to  see progress  in your  weight  loss.
This  seven  days  plan will  subtract  up  to  5  pound from your  body  without  starving, craving  laxatives or  even cutting  you  entire  food  group. Though it’s a small sacrifice with crucial techniques, it  will  for  sure  work.

After  the  work  out  then  you  will  expected  to  pick  up  a  best  eating  and  exercise  routine to  fit  your  lifestyle. 
Cut out ready processed foods.
Taking low  energy dense   foods   will  lower  your intake of  calories and make  you  feel  full, hence you  will  take veggies  and  tend  to  avoid French fries and  always  feel full. 
30 minutes cardio a day

This activity make the heart to rate up hence burn more calories. The best  way  to go  about  this  is  by  having  alternating  intense cardio training  and  slower  activity, this  will  even  burn  more  calories  during  your  workout.
Substitute sugary drinks with water.
Doctors  recommend 13 cups  for  men and 9  cups  of  water  for  women per  day, water  will  make  the  immune  system  to  remain healthy  and  give  you more  lasting  energy  during  the  day.  Sugary  drinks  will  boost  calories  in your  body.


Posted by Debbie Ramos 8/6/15


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