How To Do Perfect Push-Ups

Push-up is  not  quite  friendly  workout  for  most  beginners,  though  they  are  a total  body  functional  move which  are  great  for  increasing  the  body  strength.  Here  are  the best  points  to  consider  in your  push-ups  for  the  perfect  results.

1. Straight  neck and  head  position.
This  is a common  beginners  mistake, and  those  who  do  not  have strong chest  muscle  to make  a complete  push-up. They  tend  to force  the  head forward  in order  to  make  the  push-up  easier. You  should learn  to keep  the  head in  line  with  the torso  for  perfect push-up.
2. Set  hand a  distance  wider  than shoulder  width.
Depending  on  your  experience, the  hand  position  matters  and should  be  positioned  in an  angle  that  leaves  at  the  comfort  of  your  push-ups. Some place  the hands  to such  that, the  middle  finger point straight  up  and  away  from them.
3. Pressure on outside  the hands.
Despite  of  push-ups  being  a  great  exercise they  can  as  well cause  overuse injuries  at  the  wrist  region. Pressure  are on the outside  of  hands  but  not  on the bottom of  your  hand’s  wrist. The  outside  of  your  hand  is  very  strong  and  stable, try  it  for perfect  push-up. 
4. Single-leg  push-ups.
Lift  one  leg  off  the ground and do  a  set then shift  the  second  leg.
Doing  this  for  some  day  you will feel  the  difference  at  the upper  back  and  the  core  which  are  the  target  areas. 
5. Control  the  speed.

This  applies  to  all  the  exercise, control  the  descent and push- up forcefully, this  will  make  it  uniform, by  avoiding  quick  start  and slow  end  other  than  injuries. 



Posted by Debbie Ramos 8/6/15


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