Exercises and Workouts for Stronger Shoulders

The strength of our shoulders is very important for us as many day-to-day activities depend on it like lifting an object overhead and carrying something heavy etc. So we need to know about the best exercises and workouts that can not only help us look good but also improve the strength of our shoulders.

Shoulder press is the simplest yet most effective workout for our shoulders as it has an impact on both our front and side deltoids. It is done by lifting a couple of dumbbells to the height of our shoulders either sitting or standing then moving those dumbbells over our heads all while not hyper extending our elbows. We need to pause slightly in that position and after that bring the dumbbells down. A rep is then completed and we need to repeat this activity until the desired numbers of reps are finished. The second best shoulder workout is known as the lateral rise and it can impact only one of our deltoids. This exercise is performed by holding a dumbbell while standing with our hands down and lifting it in a way that our arm is at a ninety degree angle with our shoulder. Then pausing slightly and bringing the dumbbell down in a relaxed way.

Upright row is the third and final workout and it impacts our lateral deltoid. This exercise is performed by lifting a couple of dumbbells in standing position in such a way that our elbows are parallel to our shoulders. Then pausing slightly and bringing the dumbbells down.

Posted by Kate Miller 8/6/15


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