Amazing Ways To Stay Fit With A Busy Schedule

If your business meetings and office hours have been erratic, it is likely that you will lesser time for your gym and workouts. However, being busy is never an excuse to leading a healthy life, and here are some of things you can definitely do with a hectic schedule in place.

Keep check on the diet
Watching what you eat doesn’t take any extra time, and you can easily avoid a few hundred calories every week. Eat healthy and control your portions of desserts and processed foods. Also, keep a check on the water consumption, which should ideally be three liters each day. 

Start walking
That’s an exercise you can easily include in your daily routine, provided you skip taking the car everywhere. For shuttling between places less than one mile, the idea is to start walking, which is a great way to shed calories. Walking and taking the steps are effective ways to keep the bones moving. 

 Utilize the weekends
Instead of watching TV and going to the club, spend your weekend mornings enjoying an hour of yoga and meditation. Yoga doesn’t need any equipment and there are DVDs available in the market that can help you learn. Also, you can choose to go for trekking or swimming for the weekends to add a share to weekly exercise needs. 
Finally, it is essential that you have a good lifestyle. Stressing and lack of exercise can together play havoc with your body, and that calls for maintaining a disciplined and timed schedule. 


Posted by Debbie Rosam 8/6/15


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